Welcome to Gramápolis!

Welcome to Gramápolis, the Language Academy where you will certainly meet your goal of learning a new language.

Let’s learn new languages!

Learn with us Spanish, Portuguese, French, and English (for foreigners).

Customized Lessons

You decide your pace, your hours, and the progress that you want to achieve.

Certified Courses

Gramápolis’ courses have professional validity, as all our professors registered at SEP (Mexican Secretariat of Public Education).

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About Us!

Gramápolis is a Mexican company dedicated to teaching languages based on high pedagogical standards that are aligned with international guidelines; such as Common European Reference Frame (CERF) Instituto Cervantes (Cervantes Institute), l’Academie Francaise (the French Academy), o Instituto Camões (the Camões Institute), and others.

Gramápolis has highly skilled and experienced language teachers, who will help guide and prepare you to face the challenges of learning a new language.


Providing the required tools to all our students so they can achieve their goal of learning a new language. Focused on,  and committed to, offering high-quality courses adapted to meeting world requirements.

Our courses


A1 - C2


A1 - B2


A1 - B1

For non native speakers
A1 - B2

Specialized courses

Would you like the opportunity to communicate with native speakers on your Holidays? Or would you like to feel confident in a professional environment? Well, these courses are for you.

Will you apply to DELE, SIELE, CAPLE, or any language proficiency test? Prepare with us!

We also have courses for reading, comprehension, conversation, and writing.

Preparation courses for International Language Tests.


At the end of each course, the student will earn a certificate that confirms the number of hours and the achieved level. This certificate has professional validity because all our professors are registered at SEP (Mexican Secretariat of Public Education).

It is important to know that the certificates issued by Gramápolis do not replace international proficiency tests such as TOEFL, SIELE, DELE, CAPLE, etcetera.

Studying hours for each level

Since Gramápolis is aligned with the guidelines established by the CERF, the hours of study dedicated for this purpose are as well. Hence, the recommended studying hours are the following:

These studying hours depend on the difficulty of the language and the out-of-the-classroom time dedicated by each student.


The method used in Gramápolis is Inductive-Mechanical-Rational.


We are going from general to particular. We move from the most basic to the most difficult elements.


The student will be aware of what they are saying in the target language.


Knowledge will be acquired by practicing instead of just memorizing.

At Gramápolis our lessons fulfill the following characteristics:



Topics are given based on a real interaction, according to proximity interaction theory.



The student will monitor their daily progress.


Different activities will be done along with the classes, from simple lectures to conversation with natives speakers.

A distinctive feature in Gramápolis is our commitment to the highest quality of language learning for all our students.  We will never offer untested methods or courses in order to learn any language instantly.  Gramápolis is here to support each individual’s language goals. 

“Knowing another language is like having a second soul.”


The Wall of Fame

As we have said, Gramápolis is committed to quality and its students. Therefore,  it is important to know that our students have met their goals. So, we share these successful cases with all of you:

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